Path & blob

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And so it comes. Not quite expressive urgency. Not strict necessity.

Decades ago a collaborative (private) blog was a way to keep in touch with long-time friends far away (before that, it was email). Those friends are still there and we use other lightweight messaging options nowadays.

This is not linked with my main web page, as it does not share its purpose. There is no commenting option, but you can drop me an email if needed. It is easy to find some of my contacts. An earlier, not strong enough, driver for this was actually to collect and share text that is not really easy to split in twitter threads. Another recent one is to somehow try and address some issues that I find relevant.

Paths leading us to do or not to do something are strange. The sketch depicted below, redrawn after one I saw on the Internet few years ago (and never managed to find its source, until actually now) captures something, I believe. Just, finding it 25 years ago, it wold have had perhaps less of a meaning.


(Source: Redrawn from waitbutwhy)

The name came before having a real reason for it, and probably that is legit: What can be a blob? A graph that needs to be cleared, cleaned up, and connected. A to-be graph. Which is not yet the case here.